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Spectrum PowerCC Gerenation Management

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities
In today's deregulated energy market, the coordination of power generation, trading and production calls for solutions that integrate the applications from these diverse areas and still have the ability to communicate seamlessly and effectively across all areas can be achieved by using our innovative and state-of-the-art Spectrum PowerCC. With Spectrum PowerCC, we now offer a platform whose design focuses on these goals. On this platform, Spectrum PowerCC provides an extensive application package which integrates the experience in the area of energy management systems and with power generating companies in deregulated markets together with the energy trading know-how of a powerful partner.

A multi-functional software system
Spectrum PowerCC is a fully integrated suite of generation management which include Automatic Generation Control, Economic Dispatch, Production Cost Monitor, SCADA, Load / Price Forecast, Hydro Scheduling, Thermal Unit Commitment, Archive, Energy Accounting, Transaction Mgmt, Deal Entry and Market Profiles applications among others, helping to provide a powerful solution for day-to-day operational needs. Its functions help keep response times fast and profit high.
Retain and grow your customer base
Your customer will be concerned with two significant factors i.e. the price of electricity and the reliability of supply. Spectrum PowerCC helps you monitor and control these factors to help you retain your existing customers and acquiring new ones.


Spectrum PowerCC Energy Control

Competition in the industry leads to increased cost pressure, which forces many companies to implement rationalization measures to improve productivity. The measures include reduced shifts in the control centre at night or on weekends etc.
With the rapid deregulation of energy market throughout the world, the electricity market is now subjected to a ever changing dynamics and complexity. The impact will change the way we generate, supply and utilise energy. By acquisition, monitoring and control of the energy supply and the peak load, costs can be reduced and own power production can be optimized

The whole range of power control functions
Spectrum PowerCC Energy Control for industrial networks assists you with the operation. It includes an innovative modular product concept based on the latest software technology and provides the complete range of functions for an industrial control centre.

A real highlight for your power supply system
The state-of-the-art technology of Spectrum PowerCC supports and integrates leading industry products and many industrial standards, both current and under development. The modular product concept and reduced installation effort ensure timely delivery. As far as costs are concerned, Spectrum PowerCC is a real highlight: Customer data entry, data maintenance and system upgrading are extremely easy to carry out. The use of standard software and hardware ensure further reduction of costs and closes the gap between energy management and the IT environment of your company.

Spectrum PowerCC Technologies
Spectrum PowerCC deploys as many off-the-shelf products as possible. This enables us to concentrate future development on domain specific issues while complying with as many standards as technically possible, further enhancing your revenue.

  • Running on Microsoft Windows 2000 and standard PC hardware
  • Open interfaces based on Microsoft component technologies
  • Archiving system on commercial RDBMS
  • Industry standard interfaces SQL, ODBC
  • Web-based UI
  • IEC 60870-5 and other proprietary protocols
  • IEC 60870-6 TASE.2 (ICCP)
  • Object-oriented design of the system, user interface and user data model
  • First full CIM compliant implementation of power system data model in the marketplace
  • Use of industry standard SCADA system WinCC (based upon Windows NT)

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