Power Automation.
  • July 14, 2023

Shaping the Future of Grid Management: Spectrum Power User Conference in Rome 2023

The Spectrum Power User Conference 2023, hosted by Siemens in Rome, focused on three key global challenges: cybersecurity, energy crisis, and energy transition. These challenges are urgent and have a significant impact on our lives.

The conference offered valuable insights and discussions on how to mitigate these challenges using key strategies to strengthen cybersecurity frameworks, transition to renewable energy sources, promote energy storage technologies, enhance energy efficiency across various sectors and optimize grid management with the latest solutions using Spectrum PowerTM 7 (Advanced Distribution Management System with Low Voltage Grid Management, Energy Management System with Renewable Energy Integration, and Power Generation with Optimization Scheduler).

Power Automation (PA) is able to leverage the insights and knowledge gained from attending the conference to develop a range of innovative, efficient, and tailored solutions to address the energy challenges and opportunities of customers. These solutions can help them optimize their energy systems, achieve cost savings, enhance sustainability, and embrace the transition to a clean and resilient energy future.