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Hopf GPS Clock, 6844/6844RC

GPS Time Server System 6844(RC) with NTP LAN Board(s) 7273 / 7274

By implementation of up to two (2) NTP LAN Boards 7273 or NTP LAN Boards 7274 (10/100/1000 Mbit/s autosensing, VLAN, Bonding, PRP) system 6844(RC) becomes a highly accurate NTP Stratum 1 Time Server for synchronization of computers and industrial networks.

System 6844(RC) can either be delivered with one or two implemented NTP LAN Boards 7273 / one or two NTP LAN Boards 7274 from the factory or subsequently extended by board(s) 7273 / 7274 in the field. The modular design structure of system 6844(RC) also allows the combination of one board 7273 / one board 7274 with any other function board suitable for system 6844(RC).

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