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Hopf GPS DIN Rail Module 8024GPS

DIN Rail Module 8024GPS

The hopf Sync Module 8024GPS for DIN rail mounting is the perfect flexible solution for time synchronization via GPS.

Due to its

  • wide selection of signal output modules as well as
  • several variants of (wide range) power supply units

Module 8024GPS can be specified regarding your individual requirements at time of purchase.

Choose to equip free slots with additional output modules (available in various electrical signal output versions as well as modules for fiber optic output)

  • IRIG-B (modulated / unmodulated)
  • DCF77 (modulated / unmodulated)
  • Cyclic Pulses (PPS, PPM, etc.)
  • Serial time datagram

Configuration of the GPS settings as well as the signal generation is easily and quickly made via serial remote interface.

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