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State-of-the-art technology in Power System Control

Our capabilities in SCADA/EMS/DMS/ADMS project implementation gives you increased productivity with automation, and keeps you prepared for contingencies with:

  • Improved reporting capabilities
  • Higher customisation options

Take control of your assets while staying on top of things. Our value-for-money solutions maximise cost-effectiveness for your business while delivering efficiency.


With our professionalism in project management, we will see your project to completion and provide a robust after-sales service that will always back you up.

Comprehensive range of Systematic Migration Plans

With a wide range of plans to keep you up and running in no time, we provide future-proofing plans that ensure you stay on top of the latest technologies. Migrating existing systems or employing an open protocol through protocol conversion is reduced to a simple solution when you engage our services.

Skilled in managing Proprietary Protocols

We are also competent in handling proprietary protocols, giving you a wide range of options for customisation. With frequent hardware and software improvements through regular incremental updates, we make sure your system stays up-to-date and ready.

Replacement & Renewal

We are also able to support End-Of-Life hardware products, providing replacement and renewal strategies that are tailored to ensure continuous operations with minimal interruption OR maintaining your existing equipment in the case of remaining useful life.

At the same time, we provide incremental or partial upgrades that suit your organization’s long term CAPEX/OPEX/Upgrade budget plans.

What We Offer

With an extensive experience in power system control automation solutions, we are proud to offer the following scope of works:

  • Provision of SCADA/EMS/DMS/ADMS systems
  • Project management
  • System design (turnkey solutions)
  • System engineering (including software customisation and enhancements)
  • System integration & factory testing
  • Site installation, testing, and commissioning

Top-notch service with unparalleled support

Our competent and committed workforce will guide you throughout the duration of project implementation, with an end-to-end service that is coupled with comprehensive maintenance and warranty services.

  • Key leader in turnkey solutions for the ASEAN and Asia Pacific region
  • Ample support from global leader in electronics and automation
  • Ability to maximise relevancy of solutions to specific locales and regions in which solutions are deployed
  • Partnering with local entities in consortium or forming of sub-contractor relationships
  • Delivery of solutions includes strong after-sales support with maintenance and warranty services, helping you to
  • adapt to your new systems and equipment

Adding value, exceeding expectations

Above all, we also provide the following value-added services:

  • Control room design and renovation
  • Training services
  • Remote login support
  • On-site technical support
  • Hardware & software installation of related 3rd party software/equipment
    • Storage equipment
    • Network equipment
    • Large screen wallboard
    • Cyber security testing & hardening of servers/workstations
  • Consultation
  • Data extension
  • Incremental upgrade services (hardware & software)

We are also able to offer extended warranties for hardware and software.


In line with our services, we also act as the distributor and competence centre for Siemens Spectrum Power products:

Spectrum Power

Clients and Projects

We have an outstanding track record as a responsible contractor and an active bidder of several national utilities tenders in the region, and have always fulfilled our project delivery obligations without compromise. As a result, we enjoy a long-lasting partnership with many customers.

Listed below are some of our esteemed clients and the awards that we’ve attained throughout our years of experience.


  • SP PowerGrid Ltd / SP PowerAssets Ltd
  • SMRT Trains Ltd
  • SMRT Services Pte Ltd
  • Land Transport Authority
  • Companhia Electricidade de Macau
  • Taiwan Power Company
  • Southern Power Corporation (Electricity of Vietnam)
  • Department of Electric Power Transmission & System Control, Myanmar (formerly known as Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise)
  • Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd


Midsized / large system Spectrum Power systems:
  • SP PowerAssets – 6.6kV remote monitoring control system
  • SP PowerAssets – 22kV distribution control system
  • Companhiah Electridade de Macau – SCADA/EMS/DMS (currently undergoing partial SCADA upgrade)
  • Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) – SCADA control system asset replacement & extensions (in progress)
  • Taiwan Power Company – Taipei central dispatch system/
  • Taiwan Power Company – Kaoshiung area dispatch system (currently undergoing 5 x ADCC replacement)
  • Taiwan Power Company – Kaohsiung feeder dispatch control system
  • Taiwan Power Company – feeder dispatch control system licenses for 25 districts
  • Myanma Electric Power Enterprise – SCADA EMS system
  • Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd – State-wide load despatch centre (SCADA, EMS) for east-west grid interconnection project
  • Southern Power Corporation (Electricity of Vietnam) – Supply of SCADA system and 110kV unmanned substations (in progress)


Small / midsized Spectrum Power systems:
  • Marina Coastal Expressway SCADA System
  • Shell Nanhai ENMCS System
  • Taiwan Formosa Plastics Group MaiLiao 345kV #2 substation upgrade system
  • Taiwan Power Company HouLi extra high voltage substation system
  • Taiwan Power Company KHH 345kV substation system
  • Taiwan Power Company MiLi extra high voltage substation system
  • Taiwan Power Company WuFeng extra high voltage substation system
  • Taiwan Power Company XieHe power plant system
  • Vietnam Dai Ninh HydroPower SCADA system
  • Indonesia Distribution Control Center (DCC) Bekasi system
  • Indonesia Malang SCADA system
  • Philippines Mindanao Area control centre system
  • Philippines Mindanao Regional control system