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Monitor your services with ease of communication between data centres.

Our Smart Grid and Metering solutions give you a fully customised solution in metering. We are long-established in the industry for metering solutions with strong references.

Starting from system design and implementation to execution and post-sales, we tailor a communications solution for wired and wireless solutions, which help to read and send data between control centres and your system.

An integrated plan for efficiency

Allowing for seamless control over a web-based system, we also offer a platform that integrates the metering system into your existing building management system.

Our capabilities also include interfaces to other systems to improve operational efficiency, while deploying innovative solutions that give you the best of what the market has to offer.

Forging ahead with you

On the brink of the technology frontier, we are constantly challenging ourselves to be at the forefront of technical knowledge in the market. A direct result of which is our ability to adopt hybrid implementation and solutions, as well as provide modular solutions and integration.

What We Offer

Our metering and communication solutions bring you responsive services that are both stable and durable, and help you to reduce operational costs while increasing productivity.

With highly reliable products with a foundation in state-of-the-art technology, we bring product interfacing and integration to meet with simplicity in our solutions.

Getting you the coverage you need

Our highly targeted services include:

  • Customisation services for systems and platforms
  • Engineering services for design and building of system platforms
  • Engineering services for design and implementation of communication platforms
  • Research and development services, including supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of products
  • Training for the use of our products, so that you will be self-sufficient in utilisation of the system
  • Provision of advice on how to integrate our products into your system and premises


Our Smart Grid& Metering solutions consist of the following products:

  • Power quality monitoring systems
  • Revenue grade meters
  • Communication modules for wired and wireless solutions
    • TV White Space (TVWS)node and concentrator
    • BPL, ZigBee and WiFi communication module
  • Electricity Vending Systems (EVS)
  • Platforms for metering, building and system management

Clients and Projects

Our Smart Grid & Metering solutions have proven our company’s commitment to being reliable and trustworthy, while responding to the latest innovations in technology with a highest degree of adaptability.

Our clients have time and again recommended our turnkey solutions as one of the top choices in the industry. Some of such clients are featured here:


  • SP PowerGrid Ltd / SP PowerAssets Ltd
  • Housing Development Board
  • Seagate Technology International
  • National University of Singapore
  • Singapore University of Technology & Design
  • Changi Airport Group
  • Siltronic Silicon Wafer Pte Ltd
  • Singapore District Cooling Pte Ltd
  • National Environment Authority
  • JTC Corporation


  • Power Quality Monitoring System for SP PowerGrid’s T&D Network
  • Power Quality and Energy Instrument System for Singapore District Cooling
  • Pilot project for an Intelligent Electricity Vending System for EMA
  • Power Quality Monitoring System for Seagate Woodlands Plants
  • Power Quality Monitoring System for JTC Biopolis
  • Power Quality Monitoring System for JTC Fusionopolis
  • Power Monitoring & Control System for Changi Airport Terminals
  • Power Monitoring & Control System for Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort
  • Power Monitoring System for Siltronic Samsung Wafer Pte Ltd
  • Power Monitoring System for Unilever Singapore Pte Ltd
  • HT Monitoring System and Monitoring Devices for Changi Airport Terminals
  • SCADA and TVWS Communication System for Pulau Ubin Micro Grid Test Bed
  • Integrated Energy Monitoring System and Building Management System for JTC LaunchPad Phase 2
  • Prepaid Electricity Management System for NUS
  • Smart Metering System for NUS-Yale College
  • Prepaid Electricity Management System for SUTD
  • Sub-Metering and Communication System for HDB Town Projects
  • Supply of TVWS communication Equipment and Services for HDB Projects
  • Supply of Electronic Meters to SPPG
  • Supply of Power Quality Meters for SPPA T&D Network