Transmission Management

As the world of electric utility operations changes rapidly, more advanced and flexible software solutions will be required to assist in managing transmission network operations. Transmission is necessary for energy transition. With the increasing dynamics that power transmission grids experience, accelerated and interconnected processes, which Spectrum PowerTM Advanced Transmission Management can deliver, are required. Power transmission is made more efficient and resilient by utilizing all available data in a streamlined and intelligent manner.
Spectrum PowerTM Advanced Transmission Management provides a complete suite of EMS applications and support tools to meet the demanding requirements of SCADA operational analysis, ensuring operators and operations engineers can confidently determine the reliability state of the transmission grid.  
  • State Estimator (SE)
  • Dispatcher Power Flow (DPF)
  • Contingency Analysis (CA)
  • Network Parameter Adaptation (PA)
  • Fault Calculation (FC)
  • Network Sensitivity (NS)
  • Voltage Stability Analysis (VSA)
  • Optimal Power Flow (OPF)
  • Security Constrained Dispatch (RTOPF-SD)
  • Voltage Scheduler (RTOPF-VS)
  • EMS applications that have been tested and proven in the field are used on models of all sizes and characteristics.
  • Analyses can be conducted in real-time or study modes, allowing for analysis in present, future or historical time frames.
  • A complete set of transmission network models based on the Common Information Model (CIM), including renewable generation sources and FACTS devices.
  • Tools that facilitate network model maintenance without affecting online models.
  • An intuitive User Interface (UI) allows users to focus on area of interest, control execution tasks, and customize application features.
  • Single point of truth for data.
  • Multi-layer cyber security of highest international standards based on IEC 62443-3-3.
  • Integration of Grid Software components, from planning to real-time operation.