Maintenance Services for Systems and RTUs

Regular maintenance plays a vital role in ensuring the reliability of systems and RTUs. It also helps extend their life cycles as it can identify faults before they occur so they can be fixed in time, preventing costly unplanned downtime. Power Automation is renowned for providing quality products and services that are directly targeted to solving existing issues in the provision of utilities. In fact, we hold an impressive track record for bringing excellent service to our clients.
Our after-sales service is one of the essentials that many of our clients choose to engage due to the strong support we provide that includes a comprehensive and subscription-based maintenance service. Our maintenance and support services deliver peace of mind and many more benefits to our customers. Our range of support services can be easily customized into service support packages to meet our customers’ specific objectives and budgets as follows: Preventive Maintenance: Regular system maintenance to keep assets reliably available and to prevent system failures. Corrective Maintenance: Maintain optimal performance and prevent component failures to ensure the fastest possible restoration of functional operation. Emergency Response: Address system failures with expert support available on demand. Spare Parts Management: Ensure fast delivery of spare parts for fast system restoration.
  • Ensure your equipment stays up-to-date and ready for unforeseen circumstances that might disparage your system
  • Stay up-to-date anytime and anywhere, as we work hard to make sure your system maximises its lifespan.
  • Extend your system/product life cycle to improve your ROI while increasing reliability and reducing interruptions to your systems.