Renewable Energy Solution

Microgrids Solutions are the future of energy management

Microgrids serve as a decentralized energy system, which can be  independent of the national grid and, at the same time help to generate additional revenue by feeding excess energy back to the national grid.

You are in control – by balancing load demands through intelligent management, and with integrated back-up systems you have peace of mind with reliable operation.

Get the most out of your microgrid solutions, with our full portfolio of cutting-edge products, solutions and services.

Power Automation.

SPECTRUM Power™ MGMS Microgrid Management System (MGMS)

Advanced control for onsite energy optimization
  • Centralized control system with advanced functionality (forecasting and generation optimization)
  • Control software applicable to both grid-connected and islanded networks
  • Strong security platform based on utility-grade system (NERC CIP design)
  • Scalable: monitor, control and optimize as many DERs as necessary
  • Easy-to-use UI that consolidates all necessary information
  • Integrated system that supports standard industry protocols (DNP3, IEC 101, IEC 104, Modbus, etc.)
  • Seamless integration with utility control center through IEC 60870-6 (ICCP) protocol

Four steps to reliable microgrid / hybrid system management

 Consultation and simulation to ensure you have the right solution for you.

 Finding the right fit for your microgrid / hybrid solution.

 Gathering data and monitoring to define benchmarks.

 Expert data analysis for improved operational efficiency over time.