Advanced Distribution Management

Energy is at the heart of numerous Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve these goals, great importance is placed on energy transition – the ongoing process of replacing fossil fuels with low carbon energy sources such as renewable energy to achieve net zero carbon. Distributed energy resources (DERs), which are energy generation and storage technologies, play a big role in the transition as they mainly tap on renewable energies. They allow governmental and private organizations globally to transform their energy systems to more sustainable models. Through Spectrum Power™ Advanced Distribution Management, you can leverage smarter power distribution management while integrating a large number of renewable energy sources. The latest technologies used will support you in creating sustainable energy system of tomorrow, facilitating energy transition.
Spectrum Power™ Advanced Distribution Management provides a comprehensive suite of ADMS applications for efficient and economic SCADA operation, distribution network management and smart control of intelligent future electrical distribution networks. It helps grid operators actively manage, orchestrate, and optimize distribution systems.
  • Distribution System Power Flow (DSPF)
  • Distribution System State Estimator (DSSE)
  • Short-Term Load Scheduler (STLS)
  • Generation and Load Forecast (GLF)
  • Fault Management (FM)
  • Fault Location (FLOC)
  • Fault Isolation and Service Restoration (FISR)
  • Volt-VAr Control (VVC)
  • Optimal Feeder Reconfiguration (OFR)
  • Short Circuit Calculation (SCC)
  • Data Validation (DV)
Through Internet-of-Everything (IoE) data, in-depth situational awareness and 2D/3D visualization, power grid operators are capable of making the right decision at the right time. This ensures that power supply remain stable and reliable, helps foster grid integration of renewable energy sources, and boosts grid efficiency.
  • Cost savings from low CAPEX and OPEX due to grid optimization and efficient outage management.
  • Situational awareness by leveraging the innovative Spectrum PowerTM Heads-up Display (HUD) that allows maximum focus on usability and functionality.
  • Profitability from better interaction with supplementary services using a standard-based data model, Central Interface Module (CIM), and data exchange with Transmission System Operators (TSOs).
  • Resilience due to the intuitiveness and efficiency of the system. Outages are reduced to the minimum and quickly restored.
  • Compliance with timely implementation of new regulatory requirements at a lower cost due to the flexibility of the solution.
  • Facilitation of implementing renewable energy solutions due to the secure control of capacitor banks, loads, generators, and battery storages.
  • Improved round-the-clock supply reliability and voltage quality.
  • High standard of cybersecurity due to the use of NERC/BDEW, IEC 62443, and IEC 62531.